• Benefits of Smarttdigital

  • Benefits of Smarttdigital

How Smarttdigital uses A.I.

Your Online Footprint

Smarttdigital analyses your online footprint – including your website & social media presence – and establishes your current ranking, ‘findability’ and the effectiveness of your keywords and content.

Audience Search Behaviour

Smarttdigital analyses your target audience and accurately shows you what they are searching for and what phrases and keywords they are using.

Competitor analysis

Smarttdigital analyses your competitors and accurately shows you what content and keywords they are using to drive traffic to each of their site pages.

Keyword and Content Advice

Smarttdigital takes all the data from steps 1,2 & 3 and delivers accurate recommendations as to which keywords and content you should be using to improve your ranking and increase the volume and quality of visitors to your site.

Learns Anticipates & Recommends

Smartdigital learns as it monitors and analyses allowing it to anticipate search patterns and recommend changes to your content and keywords that will improve your site ranking & authority along with the volume and relevancy of your traffic.

‘Always on’ 24/7

Smarttdigital is ‘always on’. Once initiated, it works as your marketing intelligence advisor 24/7. It monitors for any changes in audience search behaviour keywords or content along with competitor actions, and will automatically alert you when it detects changes that are likely to impact your online ranking & performance.

…creating more traffic that’s more relevant to your business.

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