• What our clients say

  • What our clients say

Being in the Life Insurance business means that it is extremely difficult to get found in the early pages of the Google search results because it is a very competitive area.  

We looked for a solution to help us get better visibility in Google results using Google Ads and by building a presence in Google’s organic results.

We came across Smarttdigital which had a number of clever tools to help us to get discovered in Google search results in an accurate and cost-effective manner.

The Smarttdigital team themselves have been very supportive and have guided us through the set-up and running of the Applications. They are approachable and friendly and have responded to all our questions quickly and have helped improve our results”.

“We have been working with Smarttdigital on our ‘key words’ for our marketing campaigns. Our focus can change monthly so we need to get a quick response as to what are the most relevant keywords for us to invest in.

Smarttdigital does this for us by taking away the time pressures and guesswork around this task, which reduces costs in this area, something we have not found anywhere else.

The system is easy to use and this tool is now integral to our marketing strategy”.

“Having made the decision to bring our digital marketing activities ‘in-house’, we needed help to speed up and improve our customer targeting and online promotion.

We have found the Smarttdigital tools to be excellent in helping us with both our PPC and organic marketing campaigns”.

“Smarttdigital has been instrumental in helping us to market our unique services to the right target client base.

Knowing how our prospects are searching on Google really helps align our marketing messages and website content”.

“As a business we use PPC (Google Ads) on a regular and recurring basis to attract new customers to our site. We are continuously driving to improve the ROI of our campaigns with Google Ads so the choice of the right Keywords and phrases becomes important in achieving this goal.

We have recently started using Smarttdigital to assist us with the choice of Keywords / phrases. We found the software easy to use and the results were very helpful in developing the right Keywords for our campaign.

Going forward, we think that it will help to improve accuracy and reduce costs.“

“My experience with Smarttdigital has already been remarkable, it really has delivered its promise for me.

 The web activity for my blogs has been amazing.

I consider I have been learning with Smarttdigital and have already experienced how frequent, original content will transform my web visibility and at the current rate deliver significant new business opportunities.”

“Our business is focused on selling gold bullion, coins, and other investable precious metal products over the internet or over the telephone.

As such it is hugely important for us to have a growing presence and online profile so that potential buyers and investors find us and more importantly, find us ranked above our competitors.

Since working with Smarttdigital I would have to say we have been surprised and delighted at how effective the advice is at getting content (articles, videos, adverts) indexed quickly and ranked highly by Google.

This has had a big positive effect on both the quality of our enquiry traffic and also the global ranking of our own website.

I have always found the Smarttdigital team to be professional, responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. They act as our in-house tech and marketing departments and have produced very high-quality content consistently every month since we started with them and the results are plain to see. – We have a growing number of articles and other items that rank on page 1 of Google and are being found by elements of our target audiences.
They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a growing business and – most important to me – they possess excellent communication skills.

I would recommend them to any business that values being found online by their target audience or customer base”.

“Smarttdigital was exceptionally helpful to me when trying to convince one of my clients to really take their website SEO and content marketing seriously.

The quality of the reports combined with the way it presents the information in an easy to understand format for the non-expert was instrumental in reaching a decision.

I will be recommending it to other colleagues and clients without hesitation”.

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